The Smartplug series is designed for easy use of home control.
Stay tuned for the release date of our Smartplug series.


Most advanced WiFi

The Smartplug series are embedded TI’s SimpleLink™ CC3x family. The next generation of TI’s embedded Wi-Fi® that enables to make a reliable connection of the Internet of Things devices.


Power of Speed

By using WiFi a/b/n network and direct connecting solution, The Smartplug series can be connected and controlled in real time over the internet or your home network.


No Hub Required

The Smartplug series do not require to purchase an expensive special hub or router to connect to outbound of your home. Any of Smartplug devices can be configured to perform as a router to connect over the internet.


Security & Privacy

With strong data encryption algorithms and Peer-to-Peer technology, The Smartplug series provide a private, secure and reliable connection.

Circuit Protection

The Smartplug series support circuit protection with over current monitoring and surge suppression. To prevent hazard situations, the device keeps monitoring the usage of current and surges from an outdoor circuit to protect your home. The Smartplug series can shut down power automatically and let you know by push notification.

Over-the-air Update

The Smartplug series support the Over-the-air software update. With this technology, Smartplug series can be updated to up-to-date software without any hassle.


Push Notification

The Smartplug series support push notification service and let you know by sending a push notification to your phone upon its on/off state change and any abnormalities.


Voice control

The Smartplug series support the Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant voice commander. You can freely control your device over voice commander without hands. Our voice controls also support various commands like a schedule setting, power status querying and lots more.

Support Wearable

 The Smartplug series support SAMSUNG wearable device GEAR S2/S3. The smart switch companion application for the SAMSUNG GEAR S2/S3 device can give you more ways to use the Smartplug series with your wearable device. The smart switch companion application supports the BT version and the LTE version the other way round. Find the Smart Switch companion software from the SAMSUNG galaxy app store.

Smart Switch Application Demo